Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty now on Steam!


Rise of a Dynasty, the official addon for the successful economic simulation Patrician IV, is now available for purchase on Valve’s download platform Steam. The link below brings you to the product page. Please note: The addon requires the base game Patrician IV – Steam Special Edition on Steam in order to play.

Steam Link

Patrician IV Add-on - Rise of a Dynasty


Kalypso Announces Official Add-on for Trading Simulation Patrician IV “Rise of a Dynasty” to add new scenarios, maps and more to the popular trading simulation.

Bracknell, 28th January 2011- Kalypso Media today announced a new expansion for Patrician IV, their best-selling medieval-era trading simulation game. Rise of a Dynasty, will be the first official add-on to Patrician IV, and will add a variety of new cities, scenarios, cooperative multiplayer and much more. Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty is scheduled for release in the UK on 31st March 2011 for Windows PC.

Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty offers players an exciting and fresh trading challenge with eight new cities to explore and introduces a multiplayer co-op mode for up to four players via the Internet or LAN. New features, based on suggestions of the fan community, have been added along with numerous improvements to the city environments and overall atmosphere of the game. Several timed scenarios are available, which, depending on how quickly they are completed by the player, adjust the difficulty and wealth available of later missions.

Features include:

  • Jointly control and grow the same Hanseatic trade organization and fight sea battles as a team; teammates can join or leave a game at any time in multiplayer mode
  • Six new scenarios that can be played in single or up to four-player multiplayer co-op mode
  • Expand your trade to eight new cities spread across four regions -- the addition of land-based caravans allows the players to expand their trade empire by sea and by land
  • New assignments and missions, including a treasure map which must be assembled from parts gathered throughout the game, provide new challenges and depth of play
  • Stylish new interior views of buildings, new citizen animations and behaviors, and animated businesses enhance the game atmosphere; interact with individual citizens to gauge the populace‘s attitudes and concerns
  • Enjoy many additional game enhancements suggested by the Patrician community

Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty is being developed by Gaming Minds Studios GmbH, a studio created with members of the original Patrician development team.
Screens are to find here.

Patrician IV - "Feature Trailer" #1


Kalypso Media, an international publisher of PC and console entertainment, today released the first in a series of feature videos for their upcoming economic trading/simulation title – Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade. In this first video, viewers will be treated to an overview of the mercantile and trading systems within the game’s Medieval-era European world. This new feature video also explains how players set sail for new harbors and features clips of major trading cities. Watch the video here!

Patrician IV - New Screenshots!


Kalypso Media is taking gamers on a journey through Middle-Ages Europe today with the release of several new screenshots showcasing seaports and cities from Patrician IV. Download the new screens to get an up-close view of the various ports of call aspiring merchants will visit in Patrician IV, the upcoming strategy/economic simulation for Windows PC. Click here!

Patrician IV - Website online


Dear merchants and members of the Hanse, the official website of the upcoming simulation game Patrician IV by Kalypso Media has started. Here you find all information about Patrician IV which will be released on September, the 28th.